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Churches and Small Group Leaders are always on the look-out for quality Biblical study materials that engage their participants and help them create a welcoming community for newcomers. Our study and leader guides are written by practitioners and reviewed by Seminary Professors from Calvin Theological Seminary. The training content and methodology are developed and maintained by Raise Up Global Ministries.

Maybe you have never heard of Discover Your Bible, Coffee Break small groups, or the Bible discovery method that is changing lives around the world. In 1970, members of a Christian Reformed church in a Chicago suburb started praying about how to reach out to their community. Since very few preschool options were available in their area, they believed God was leading them to fill that gap. They began a weekly program, Story Hour, for preschoolers. Through crafts, songs, and Bible stories, young children were introduced to Jesus and the story of the Bible. Soon leaders realized that the kids’ parents were also a captive audience. Again they felt God’s nudge in answer to their prayers. They responded by inviting the parents to learn about the same Bible their children were discovering. And Coffee Break was born.

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