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Churches and Small Group Leaders are always on the look-out for quality Biblical study materials that engage their participants and help them create a welcoming community for newcomers.

Global Coffee Break is passionate about creating studies that give people the tools to read, understand, and dig into what the Bible says and means. Whether you’re familiar with the Bible or have never picked one up before, Discover Your Bible guides are easy to understand while fostering learning and deep discovery about the Bible and ourselves.

How are Global Coffee Break and Discover Your Bible connected? Global Coffee Break is the program and name of groups that meet around the world. The brand of the Bible Studies themselves - Discover Your Bible, is used by Global Coffee Break Groups far and wide. If you have any questions please reach out!

Here is an excerpt from October 17, 1983 The Banner article about Coffee Break: "Since its introduction by members of the Christian Reformed Church in 1970, the Coffee Break ministry has grown to more than five hundred churches within twenty denominations. According to Laurie Deters, coordinator of the program for the Christian Reformed Board of Home Missions, thirty-five workshops for Coffee Break leaders were scheduled this fall. Coffee Break is primarily a women's daytime program. A children's story hour and nurseries are included for mothers with children. However, the program also includes evening and breakfast study hours for men, for couples, for singles. Programs for senior citizens are held in several retirement and nursing homes."

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From those beginnings to today - Coffee Break has expanded even further beyond it's roots to cross the globe. The core of Coffee Break has remained the same "The Coffee Break ministry has been a way to share our faith. It uses people who 'never thought they could.' ...God has brought us to the evangelistic edge where the view is breathtaking."

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