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Sponsor a Project

Global Coffee Break has many ongoing projects all over the world. Many people choose to become sponsors, whether it’s translating training materials, assisting with travel costs for leaders to attend training, or covering the cost of an entire project. We’d love your support!

Become a Leader

Discover Your Bible leaders are men and women who love to serve and grow with others. We provide Leaders with excellent tools and training to help others discover Jesus through his Word. Leader Guides provide extra questions, study assistance, and facilitation tips to help build conversations. Interactive Training is available through Discover Your Bible leadership tools which provide ongoing leadership development resources. Available by subscription. Personalized Coaching is available through coaching clusters for program directors and leaders. These groups meet over the phone for problem-solving, support, and accountability 6 to 10 times yearly. In-Person Training Workshops are available for group leaders. The workshops are hosted by churches with 3-8 hour event options available.


Global Coffee Break engages in partnerships with denominations, mission agencies, schools, and school districts to provide this training to their students and administrators. The international GCB staff would be delighted to explore ways to partner with your organization!