Educational Care Our Story

Responding to these needs, a team of seasoned educators with international experience developed the Educational Care program. This adaptable program consists of six modules, each addressing a particular learning area.

Our Mission: Facilitate and encourage honoring God globally in elementary and secondary Christian schools and their communities.

Our Vision: Schools that are involved in Educational Care are places where administrators, teachers, and students are striving to serve God in every lesson, interaction, and moment.

Our Strategy:

*Christian schools are important institutions that many Christian parents, communities and churches use to help their children develop in a Biblically sound, academically rigorous and spiritually rich manner.

*Educational Care (EC) is a program that encourages and assists educators and schools by giving them an opportunity to engage with, reflect on and develop skills and strategies of education that honor God, His creation and the children in their classrooms.

*EC is a training/opportunity that is affordable and flexible to meet differing cultural situations, models a variety of effective teaching methods, encourages the development of true Biblically based education, encourages the development of high quality results-based educational practice.

*EC is also a program that encourages its participants to replicate the training they have received. Thereby spreading and encouraging other teachers, schools and communities to also honor God, His creation and the children in their classrooms.

Where We Work

Educational Care has current reports from 10 countries around the world.

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