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Educational Care

In Latin America, Asia, and Africa, many educators want to improve their teaching skills but they cannot afford the time or training they need to do so.

Educational Care is a learning program that encourages and assists educators and schools with limited resources by giving them an opportunity to develop skills and strategies of education that honor God, His creation, and the children in their classrooms.

Do you remember your favorite teacher? He or she probably still influences you today in some ways. Through Educational Care teachers are enhancing the relation of their faith with their teaching and learning, Christian Educators are putting their new skills into action through measurable learning goals, and Administrators and teachers are realizing the important role of their school in the greater community.

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16 Educational Care has been introduced in 16 countries 9 Educational Care is available in 9 languages Majkl velner 1245414 unsplash Tanzania Amazing things are happening in Kenya with the help of Educational Care! After finishing the module on Preventative and Corrective Discipline, one teacher reflected, "God expects me to discipline my pupils within a loving environment and prayerfully expect positive change. I can expect Godly discipline to yield beauty, attraction, and well-being in my pupils.” Discover more stories
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