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What We Do

Training that Multiplies:

All over the world, the need for properly equipped school teachers and administrators is critical. Educational Care is a proven educational curriculum and training for school teachers and administrators available in 11 languages. There are now eighty-eight EC Master Trainers who can carry the program forward in their schools and countries. These trainers are scattered across Asia, S. Korea, and Africa with more on the way.

Interactive Learning:

During each lesson, participants are encouraged to read, reflect, and discuss the material with each other. The material is biblically based and meaningful across cultures. Interactive learning takes place through facilitated conversations as participants learn to better understand Scripture and their calling. This prepares them for the next phase of learning: Action Plans.

Practical Action Plans:

Action planning teaches participants how to immediately put into practice what they learn during each lesson. They return in 4 to 6 months to report to each other, sharing their achievements and the obstacles they faced. Action planning is where a majority of the ministry work takes place, and it’s where we see the true impact of the program.

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