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Making an Impact during COVID-19

How can we best serve our global ministry partners RIGHT NOW?

That’s the question that led Timothy Leadership Training to develop “Loving Your Neighbor in the COVID-19 Pandemic” - a short manual to be studied by groups of people living under the same roof. Many of TLT's partners serve in countries particularly vulnerable to the spread and devastating impact of COVID-19. Thankfully, these partners are known and respected in their communities, and are able to influence vast numbers of people. “Loving Your Neighbor in the COVID-19 Pandemic” will equip them to serve the most vulnerable and demonstrate love for neighbors in practical ways. The need for quick distribution is urgent to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Some groups are translating the manual into their local languages. Completed translations are available in Amharic (Ethiopia), Nepali (India and Nepal, Bassa (Liberia), Mizo (Myanmar), Bengali (Bangladesh), Korean and Dutch. In addition the study is already posted on Discipling Marketplace Leaders which serves African pastors, churches and denominations. These opportunities make this important resource available to even more people.

A family in Uganda studying the manual together.Jude's granddaughter immediately put into practice what she learned by gathering water each morning for hand washing.Bangladesh Samuel 1

A woman in Bangladesh holds her copy of the manual.

Stories of Impact (all received within 2 days of sending out the manual!)

Bangladesh: "The manual is very good and encouraging during this pandemic... I can pass it to Churches nearby and [in more rural areas]. Church leaders can distribute it so that people can study in family groups."

Korea: “Korean missionaries... [told me this manual came] in a perfectly timely manner. Two of them already translated it and shared it with others so that each family can study it at their homes.”

Uganda: Jude's granddaughter (pictured above) immediately put into practice what she learned by gathering water each morning for hand washing.

El Salvador: Pictured at the top of this page is a family in El Salvador going through lesson one the same day they received it!

Help Raise Up serve its global partners!

Grants of $400-$800 will be given to ministry partners to help with translation, copying, and distribution of the COVID-19 manual.

Total Project Need : $7,000.00

Every effort will be made to use your gift for the designated ministry. Gifts to ministries that are over-funded will be directed to those that have a similar intent or ministry location.

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